• For more than one year, I have spent many long hours working on the projects. At first I started to work at My Digital Life forums developing the MBR Regenerator in 01/14/2011.
  • All my projects do not have ANY advertising in the applications nor does any advertising exist on my website. Everything is 100% FREE for Non-Commercial use.
  • Now our database has 11 supported applications. It is starting to be very hard to give good support for all it, so I have setup a PayPal account.
  • If you like any of my hard work, you can simply make a donation for any amount using the PayPal service. Support will be fine with the help of donations.
  • Donations will contribute to the development costs that require long hours of work and learning for me.
  • Quick support and updates are precarious at present because I have little time to work on projects as I have to work elsewhere in the moment.
  • There is still much work to do, including adding full support for Windows 8 and new Microsoft products such as Office 2013.
  • A new Code Sharing project is being worked on the website.
  • Special thanks to user_hidden@MDLForums – That has helped us do English spelling fixes throughout
  • Also I want to say thank you for all users that have tested and helped me to improve and solve problems with the projects.


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So Best Regards,
Michel Oliveira - Software Engineer and Startup founder at