WinAIO Maker is a professional tool to manage, configure, edit and delete images inside the Windows Imaging Format (WIM).


About the Software:

  • WinAIO Maker is an application to fully manage the Windows Imaging Format files (WIM), that is found on the Windows Installation Media since Windows Vista.
  • The WIM file is located at \Sources\Install.WIM – It contains all the operating system data, and can be compressed, edited and managed by this software.
  • Managing this file, it makes it possible to build one Installation Media with multiple Operating System versions.
  • The AutoAIO module can help to make a media with all x86 and x64 versions of the operating system.
  • Also it is possible to rename the operating system images inside this file, making a very customizable installation disk.
  • After all the procedures, Folder2Iso module can creates a bootable ISO image.


  • The application has several modules that you can work with, adding professional features to your custom Windows Setup.
  • Folder2ISO: Create bootable ISO files from a folder that contains Windows Setup files.
  • ISO2Folder: Extract the ISO Image to a folder that will contains all the Windows Setup files.
  • HashCalculator: Compute the MD5, SHA1 and CRC32 from any file.
  • WinToUSB: Create bootable USB Disks using directories.
  • DVDToISO: Burn any ISO file to a physical DVD media.
  • AutoAIO: Create All In One ISO from x86 and x64 images from the same Operating System.
  • Save All Into ISO: Save all WIM Changes to a ISO file.
  • Name / Description: Change the sub-image name and description in the WIM file.


  • .NET Framework v3.5 is needed.
  • Works with all WIM images since Windows Vista.
Latest Hashes for WinAIO Maker Professional v1.1.exe
  • CRC32: 07F7DB68
  • MD5: DA2031B6A86C3DA450AC0496389BA107
  • SHA-1: 01AC8296D1BEE3DBC575644BD8DACB048264FBBA