StartOnDesktop will enable the Desktop to be displayed at every logon instead of the Metro Start Screen of Windows 8.



  • On Windows 8 systems, the first screen that appears at every logon is the Metro Start Screen, preventing the standard desktop to load startup applications, making the process a little slow for some machines.
  • After thinking about it, the StartOnDesktop tool was created. StartOnDesktop can cleanly enable or disable with one click, the Metro Start Screen from logon without touching, modifying or tampering with any files.
  • The process is simple and requires no restart, just open the application and click on the ‘Enable’ button!


  • No external program, service or task is created, only a little modification to one registry key.
  • Instant processing without requiring a restart, the feature is enabled or disabled with on button click.
  • Only touches one registry entry that stores the logon files. The explorer.exe is doubly started to skip the Metro Start Screen.
  • Undo the changes at any time just by clicking on the ‘Disable’ button.
  • Immersive applications will continue working after the operation.
  • No possibility of damage to the system.
  • StartOnDesktop can be enabled or disabled at any time!
  • Too small! Only ~40KB compressed.


    Windows 8 Client and Server.   
* All Editions / Versions, including x64 systems.   
* Requires .NET Framework v4.0. Is included on Windows 8 natively.   
* This software has been hard-tested on several machines on all supported operating systems versions.   

Latest Hashes for StartOnDesktop.exe

  • CRC32: D51AEB7D
  • MD5: D0A03535FFAA27C430611F8572D47AB1
  • SHA-1: 674AA4EC47353B629C8B00CF04920850C13EB799