WinOwnership is a handy tool to help you in the Windows files and directories, enabling and disabling the system file protection.



    WinOwnership will allow you to take full ownership of files and directories, removing and restoring the system file protection without any issues to the ACL Protection system.   


  • One click to give full access to the file.
  • Metro interface based on Windows 8, compatible with Windows XP.
  • One click to restore the default Windows file ACL Protection.
  • Does not effect default system ACL Protection, the file after undo will show the same protection preperties.
  • Full file access with a new file ACL Replacement.
  • Using a new ACL Backup / Restore patch technology.
  • Does not use any core Windows Resource to patch the file protection.
  • The file is not patched, only the protection area, which can be restored with clicking the “Undo” button.
  • The user can rename the unprotected file if it is in use.
  • Support for all file types.
  • Can work with Windows core files.
  • Can work with directories.
  • Can work with ACL protected files.
  • Multi threaded modules.
  • Fast and light interface.
  • Full ACL kernel lock / unlock.
  • Works with multi items.
  • Multi CRC hash check.


  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP Family
  • Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2011 Family
* All Editions / Versions, including x64 systems.   
* Requires .NET Framework v4.0.   

Latest Hashes for WinOwnership v1.1.exe

  • CRC32: B0C7C884
  • MD5: CE0BFEA3176B55A2375FE19B6DDB28AB
  • SHA-1: E64CB4B469727E6653015C65FAB01F74149AB63C