With less than 1MB, an impressive GUI and responsive user interaction, Josh Cell Softwares presents the ZOTAC ® International version of the WinUSB Maker.


We have worked hard inside all the application engine and it was made to be the simplest and functional application to make a USB Bootable.

This is the evolution of the standard WinUSB Maker version, that will be discontinued.

Here is some features of this application:

- Fastest file copy from directory or file using a dedicated memory stream allocation.
- Solid UI Design made to have the best performance inside all computers.
- Drag and Drop based for all the functions that need of user data.
- 100% written in .NET to avoid false positives problems.
- Compatible with all DPI scales (100% +).
- Taskbar progress for Windows 7 and higher.
- Smooth GUI with nice animations.

The software compatibility:

- Windows XP or higher with .NET Framework 4.0 installed.
- Capable to transfer Windows Vista or higher to any removable device.

The hardware compatibility:

- Any removable device inside the system.
- The best compatibility with USB 3.0 and memory cards.
- Cell phones, tablets, MP3 players that have massive storage support.
- External HDDs and removable devices recognized as fixed media also is supported.

The boot features:

- Full UEFI support with multi boot code. *
- Dynamic device format for any type of device.
- The boot code is made inside the partition, the last will remain untouched.

* Only FULL UEFI compatible operating systems will be supported (Windows 8 / 8.1 x64 until now).

Latest release changelog:

v1.1 [ 2014/02/09 ]

- Fixed incompatibility with some devices.
- Improved the application stability.

Latest file checksums:

FILE: ZOTAC WinUSB Maker v1.1.exe

CRC32: 085F515C
MD5: ED133322CD43B105A8DFC9DDB150B823
SHA-1: 6A30FAF6F612A7776A730E3007278CD470BB9BAD

VirusTotal Scan:

VirusTotal – ZOTAC WinUSB Maker v1.1.exe – MD5:ED133322CD43B105A8DFC9DDB150B823

About WinUSB Maker:

- Custom build licensed to ZOTAC International Limited.
- Internal engine developed by Michel Oliveira.
- Graphic design built by ZOTAC.